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Love and Hatred

Geoffrey Mukoya

Story about:blood covenant, forceful marriage

Age restriction: 18+

11 103

#174 in Inspiration romance
#671 in Contemporary Romance

On Hold: 04 May 85 pages

Publication: 04.05.2021 — ...

Description of book "Love and Hatred"

It is an awesome feeling when you finally drown in love. To fall in love with someone is one side of every love story. As to whether the love expressed towards another is given back and expressed in the same proportion is a misery yet to be revealed along the way. Why fall in love with a person who never craves for your presence or yearns for your words? Why fall in love with one who is hard pressed in an appalling situation thus given no room or ample time to possess a proportionate feeling for you? It is good to fall in love but horrendous and gruesome if the party to whom the love is expressed feels otherwise. Many may have experienced several heights of love but is this tale of love any different from that of Jack’s love story. It could be certain that several others can perfectly


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