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Love Between Multiverses


Story about:parallel universe, bad boy in love

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Ongoing: 08 Sep 8 pages

Publication: 07.09.2020 — ...

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Description of book "Love Between Multiverses"

Sarah hated Daksh with everything she could. She can't even tolerate being around him. He was this annoying, charming, popular bad boy kind of a guy who goes to the same college.

Meanwhile, in her dream, she finds a way to the parallel world where Daksh carry a completely different individuality being all sweet and generous. She starts falling for him.

Things get complicated when in real-world Sarah and Daksh get into a series of ugly events which reminds them about their past.

For how long, Sarah will hate him and love him at the same time? For how long she will wake up in one world and dream in another?

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Pinu 08.09.2020, 17:33:43

Ohhhh yeah, it was a pure dream!

Pinu 07.09.2020, 18:36:04

Oh god, what happened in past?
Btw, Daksh is my bf name

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