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Love Beyond Redemption

Pure Enchantress

Story about:a love triangle of a witch, a demon, a human

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#1141 in Fantasy
#323 in Paranormal Romance

On Hold: 01 Apr 5 pages

Publication: 01.04.2021 — ...

Description of book "Love Beyond Redemption"

Lilith Recardo, being a witch, spent her life scaring humans even when she wasn't supposed to be living among them. That too, when she was the soulmate of Rozen, the deathliest demon on Earth.

Haiden Fury, being a journalist, wrote every bold report no one could write. But things turn down when he got fired from his favorite magazine. Dared to exploit the secrets of the haunted house, Fury never thought the way it changed his life.

Rozen Blueworth, being a Demon, was the soulmate of Lilith, until she ran away from this whole thing she called, Shitty mess! Being the strongest demon, he had to marry Lilith, the prettiest Witch, but 25 years have passed and Lilith still hates him.

Lilith makes things worse when she falls for Fury and Rozen wents after killing Fury at all costs

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Prncss Sophie
09.04.2021, 09:19:25

Hyy author love ur story!!
Plz update

Teenager Brain
09.05.2021, 02:40:58

Prncss Sophie, Okay. It will be uploaded soon. IA.

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