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Book. "Love Find It's Way!" read online
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Ongoing: 16 Feb 63 pages

Publication: 20.07.2022 — ...

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Description of book "Love Find It's Way!"

The story revolves around Ruhi Subramanian and Chaitanya Reddy.
Both are into the business and are strong headed.

Ruhi has no room for Marriage or Relationship whereas Chaitanya is in relationship with his girlfriend Kaylee.
Both are bonded in a knot called Marriage.
So let's see whether they survive in this marriage or take a different path.
Will they ever fall in love?
This all aspect will be known in this story called Love Find It's Way!

This is my first book. Mistakes are bound to happen...?
Suggestions are welcomed but criticism in abusive or the strong vulgar words are strictly prohibited.

Disclaimer- This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, business and events are the author's imagination. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead or actual events is purely coincide


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Glincy Varghese
17.02.2023, 03:12:47

so love is in air. hope both will realize that soon and give chance to this relationship.

Marcia Magane
01.02.2023, 21:06:16

Love the novel

sumathi Mohan
12.10.2022, 14:00:23

Hmmm very similar to a blockbuster story that was on booknet.

All the best

Lectiophile Truan
01.11.2022, 16:54:01

sumathi Mohan, Hey! I actually read the gist of the story it's quite different from my story...
Anyways thankyou for telling me...
Hope you enjoy this story as well....
Happy Reading! :)

Glincy Varghese
17.09.2022, 08:37:31

this Chaithanya is too much. what is hid problem? Ruhi is not troubling him for anything. be strong Ruhi.

Lectiophile Truan
13.10.2022, 09:50:53

Glincy Varghese, Yep! Ruhi is strong...

Arati Mancharkar
12.10.2022, 15:23:36

Ruhi's attitude is right

Lectiophile Truan
13.10.2022, 09:49:12

Arati Mancharkar, Thankyou for reading the story! ✨

Glincy Varghese
25.08.2022, 19:17:10

awesome update dear.

Lectiophile Truan
25.08.2022, 20:00:45

Glincy Varghese, Thankyou so much! :)

Cherry TD
17.08.2022, 19:22:57

Uff atlast the hug ;)

Lectiophile Truan
25.08.2022, 19:03:39

Cherry TD, Ik... Even I love their hugs...❤️

Cherry TD
17.08.2022, 19:23:48

Author! Damn good

Lectiophile Truan
25.08.2022, 19:03:23

Cherry TD, Thankyou for reading the story! ✨

Arati Mancharkar
17.08.2022, 19:50:39

good story

Lectiophile Truan
25.08.2022, 19:03:09

Arati Mancharkar, Thankyou!

Arati Mancharkar
17.08.2022, 20:34:22

wow sleeping position superb

Lectiophile Truan
25.08.2022, 19:03:00

Arati Mancharkar, Thankyou for reading the story! ✨

Magdalena Mendoza
13.08.2022, 06:56:53

I like Ruhi, she’s cool!

Lectiophile Truan
15.08.2022, 20:48:37

Magdalena Mendoza, I like her too...(◠‿◕)
Btw thankyou for reading the story...❤️

Glincy Varghese
15.08.2022, 18:58:27

served him better.

Lectiophile Truan
15.08.2022, 20:51:38

Glincy Varghese, I think the same..
Let's see what holds for them in the near future...?

Pari Aggrwaal
15.08.2022, 18:37:04

ohh poor chayi .. but final Kaylee's true face reveal infront of him .. now let's see what happens next.. plz update fast dear author.. it's difficult so wait for too long

Lectiophile Truan
15.08.2022, 20:50:35

Pari Aggrwaal, For Sure Pari... I'll try...
Due to exams I was not able to update regularly...
But thanks for reading the story...❤️

Amina Yusuf Dalhatu
01.08.2022, 16:39:09

Interesting. Are you an Indian?

Lectiophile Truan
01.08.2022, 17:57:31

Amina Yusuf Dalhatu, Yep...

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