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Love finds you

Your daddy

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romance, arranged marriage, love and power


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Ongoing: 12 Jul 168 pages

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Description of book "Love finds you "

Siobhan Starr Hyland is your regular college girl with a lot of dreams. Her mother died when she was just 4 yrs old. And so 4 yrs later her father remarried a viciously greedy woman who makes sure Siobhan's life is a living hell and her evil stepsister is not helping either. What happens when she is arranged to marry her grandfather's bestfriend's grandson. Will she be able to live a better life? or will her new husband make her life worse than before?
Will they be able to put aside their differences and love each other? Or will they become the reason of each other's demise?

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Nkoli Oguagha 17.03.2020, 14:14:48

This is taking forever oooooo. Please update!!

Bhavana Mudidana 16.03.2020, 07:57:00

update plz

Shiza Naeem 12.03.2020, 20:25:41

Totally loved this story ...plzzz update

Amna Shahid 11.03.2020, 15:09:20

plz upload next chapter

Elsie Agustino 11.03.2020, 14:27:14

Some update pls..

vindya wasuki 08.03.2020, 17:34:24

waiting for update and is it taking forever

Bianca Gorea 06.03.2020, 18:46:03

Pls update

vindya wasuki 02.03.2020, 16:32:38

Thank you for qriting this book its so much to learn. How exactly she keeps her feeling down calm n quite. thank you

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Your daddy 03.03.2020, 15:31:28

hey glad that you are learning something from my book

Elsie Agustino 01.03.2020, 15:22:23

Pls update so soon thanks

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Your daddy 01.03.2020, 19:49:33

sorry to keep you waiting... but I'll update soon hopefully

Loata Wara Takala 29.02.2020, 07:05:25

loving their relationship now

sadaf 27.02.2020, 15:06:40

Update please

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Your daddy 28.02.2020, 00:55:26

hi sorry to keep you waiting.... i will udate soon hopefully

Rachel Pierre 27.02.2020, 08:28:58

When is the next update waiting patiently can't get enough of Tristan an Siobhan

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Your daddy 28.02.2020, 00:54:59

hey thank you so much for liking my book .... I'll update soon hopefully

ExoticEyez MiMi 22.02.2020, 07:20:27


Loata Wara Takala 22.02.2020, 03:59:07

I love the direction their relationship is headed

AnaLiza Requizo-Lego 21.02.2020, 06:48:24

More updates

Benedicta Emefa Amedeka 20.02.2020, 13:29:59

more plz give us more it's too juicy

Bhavana Mudidana 20.02.2020, 07:54:08

update plz..

Confidence David 19.02.2020, 16:35:57

Very interesting

Leahcodera Roque 19.02.2020, 15:21:17

Love love it!!

daisy ahmed 19.02.2020, 10:15:54

update plz

Laisa Tikomaimaleya 19.02.2020, 03:00:04

Glad that they are finally getting to know each other and admitting their feelings

Benedicta Emefa Amedeka 18.02.2020, 15:32:31

old update soon I'm so in love with this story

AnaLiza Requizo-Lego 17.02.2020, 15:10:14

More updates please

Bhavana Mudidana 17.02.2020, 07:14:54

thank you for chapter 20

Beata Gos 17.02.2020, 06:44:34

Thank you for the update

Warisha Hassan 17.02.2020, 05:34:16

Finally I’m happy... new beginning hope for happy ending!

Laisa Tikomaimaleya 17.02.2020, 04:50:33

Thanks for the it. Its finally coming to TRistan n Siobhan's way...can't wait for more.

Venus Andrin 17.02.2020, 03:53:28

Love the chapter

Bhavana Mudidana 16.02.2020, 15:19:38

huh i can't wait for chapter 20

sadaf 16.02.2020, 14:40:36

Update please!!!! Was waiting from so long!! Hush ,you are back

Laisa Tikomaimaleya 16.02.2020, 10:40:33

Wow! are back!...great...being waiting patiently for new updates. Love this. You are fantastic author!

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Your daddy 16.02.2020, 10:49:43

thank you so much... your wait is over the next chapter is coming soon as well maybe today or tomorrow

AnaLiza Requizo-Lego 14.02.2020, 12:17:37

Will pray for you

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Your daddy 14.02.2020, 16:49:30

thank you so much means a lot❤

ExoticEyez MiMi 14.02.2020, 09:25:55

Yipeeeee, i cant wait

Grace Esema 02.02.2020, 12:42:14

interesting, pls update

Acquiline Gamue Mabota 30.01.2020, 09:39:26

i love this book but you update after too long and the update is just one page

ExoticEyez MiMi 29.01.2020, 21:43:14

holla , whats happenning with the suspense on updates.

daisy ahmed 29.01.2020, 00:46:28

when are u going to update

daisy ahmed 29.01.2020, 00:45:44

i really love tis bok please update

Jinky Domingo 27.01.2020, 06:23:58

please cannot wait

daisy ahmed 26.01.2020, 13:33:58

amazing book please update

Mariam Kasie 25.01.2020, 23:11:24

God. What's this

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Your daddy 26.01.2020, 11:53:14

hey! what are you talking about?

Jinky Domingo 24.01.2020, 01:58:55

like it

Laisa Tikomaimaleya 22.01.2020, 12:43:28

Some strange pathetic n high n they still exist to date??

The last comment in the thread:

Your daddy 22.01.2020, 18:28:04

yes they do. this is the inherent nature of some people it doesn't matter how educated they are they always remain this way

bertha isabilla 21.01.2020, 20:10:50

please update

Queling Uy 21.01.2020, 08:14:16

eargerly waiting for the next update, i hope it will be soonest

Vaileth Mkama 21.01.2020, 01:00:48

This story is a gem can't wait for the new update please let it be sooner

Nonceba Mateza 20.01.2020, 08:49:30

Can I punch Tristan??

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Your daddy 20.01.2020, 10:51:05

you can ... we can do it together

ExoticEyez MiMi 18.01.2020, 18:43:08

The suspense is too much, can you speed up the updates

Lyn W Nagtalon 17.01.2020, 11:10:51

I like your kind of writing. I enjoy much reading your book. Im looking forward to a great ending. Kept it up!

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Your daddy 17.01.2020, 13:40:04

thank you so much ❤

Laisa Tikomaimaleya 14.01.2020, 04:27:29

Great to know this...kinda losing hope..please update soon and all the best for your exams.

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Your daddy 16.01.2020, 19:30:37

thank you so much ❤

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