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Love finds you

Your daddy

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romance, arranged marriage, love and power


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Description of book "Love finds you "

Siobhan Starr Hyland is your regular college girl with a lot of dreams. Her mother died when she was just 4 yrs old. And so 4 yrs later her father remarried a viciously greedy woman who makes sure Siobhan's life is a living hell and her evil stepsister is not helping either. What happens when she is arranged to marry her grandfather's bestfriend's grandson. Will she be able to live a better life? or will her new husband make her life worse than before?
Will they be able to put aside their differences and love each other? Or will they become the reason of each other's demise?

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Warisha Hassan 18.10.2019, 07:03:41

Interesting!! Waiting for next update plz make it soon :)

Heather 18.10.2019, 01:59:15

haven't seen this story

Your daddy 17.10.2019, 21:19:15

pls vote my book as well i will be very thankful

Laisa Tikomaimaleya 16.10.2019, 03:01:42

Can you be regular with updates

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Your daddy 17.10.2019, 21:18:43

Laisa Tikomaimaleya, i am glad that you like my book... thank you so much

Erlyn Dulnuan 16.10.2019, 06:25:24

Next chapters please.. Thanks

Ene Okpe 14.10.2019, 23:54:39


Erlyn Dulnuan 14.10.2019, 08:44:58

Updates please

Good girl 11.10.2019, 20:58:25

yeah, more

Laisa Tikomaimaleya 09.10.2019, 22:26:15

Next chapter please.

Erlyn Dulnuan 09.10.2019, 11:33:04

I like the stories and the authors please download the other chapters

fayza khan 01.10.2019, 19:23:13

Nice story.. Update plxxxx

Michelle Tatoy Gabinete 30.09.2019, 14:05:40

update pls..

Loreal Farmer 29.09.2019, 14:36:12

love it

Grace 28.09.2019, 11:28:57

publish more

Michelle Tatoy Gabinete 27.09.2019, 14:22:04


Catsoline Grace 26.09.2019, 11:08:58

can´t wait to

Cira Shalash 25.09.2019, 13:52:56

publish more pages

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Your daddy 25.09.2019, 16:11:04

i will i am working on it ... and thank you so much for your support i was very hesitant while uploading it.

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