Book. "Love-Hate Relationship Of Best Friends " read online

Love-Hate Relationship Of Best Friends

Author Sihana

Story about:revenge marriage regretion love

156 1898

#6 in Mystery
#130 in Romance

Ongoing: 20 Sep 52 pages

Publication: 21.08.2021 — ...

Description of book "Love-Hate Relationship Of Best Friends "

When he loved her, she couldn't.

Now she loves him, he can't.

They knew each other from childhood and spent most of the time together and depended on each other.

One day, an unexpected things happened and they got separated. Four years later, he came back to his home but now, he was not the same person he used to be.

What happened in their life four year ago?

Did they ever reunited again?

To know the reason behind this, stay tuned to the story.


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Varsha Jyothi
21.09.2021, 03:58:11

Your books are really amazing. Please update frequently. Looking forward to the next update.

Maryam Mmbsrt
20.09.2021, 15:18:49

Really enjoy your book author! I love your story! ;)

Author Sihana
20.09.2021, 15:35:20

Maryam Mmbsrt, Thanks dear :-D

Mahendra bohra
19.09.2021, 20:42:16

Amazing book loved it write more and update also !! I am eagerly waiting for the update so do update plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!

Author Sihana
20.09.2021, 15:33:59

Mahendra bohra, Updated sir :-)

Mansi Bhardwaj
19.09.2021, 15:02:56

no need to thank author your work deserve love

Author Sihana
19.09.2021, 15:11:03

Mansi Bhardwaj, (≧∇≦) Okay Dear

Maryam Mmbsrt
17.09.2021, 13:13:53

I cant wait for next chapter ;)

Maryam Mmbsrt
16.09.2021, 06:14:02

I love your book!. I hope you will add jealousy scene between Ivan and Ava. I wanna see Ivan get jealous to Ava. Coz he can't deny, that he still love her hahaha.

Author Sihana
17.09.2021, 09:45:06

Maryam Mmbsrt, Noted and thanks for reading my book:-D

Mansi Bhardwaj
13.09.2021, 19:49:52

I like your book I will read it until the end dear if it will be free

Author Sihana
14.09.2021, 07:00:38

Mansi Bhardwaj, It will be free till the end dear...So please enjoy it.

21.08.2021, 18:49:14

Love the chapter. You start with a good beginning.

21.08.2021, 18:56:53

Author Sihana, Looking for more chapters...

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