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Publication: 24.05.2021 — 25.05.2021

Description of book "Love in springtime "

What happens when Dennis a young pretty girl in her twenties made it into a college that is meant for the rich? What happens when she was met with three flower boys, Eros, Elvis and Ramon, also known as the playful, Cold and Joker, would her life remain the same after facing so much hardship? Who would warm her heart when she has no one else to turn to?

Why don't we find out if love will bloom in springtime?


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Olukoya Josephine
02.06.2021, 01:01:49

wow!,wow! congratulations to you.

Olukoya Josephine
02.06.2021, 00:53:40

this book is interesting. I hardly drop it to do anything.

Olukoya Josephine
01.06.2021, 18:35:57

friendship gradually it will lead to relationship.

Olukoya Josephine
01.06.2021, 18:26:02

Ramon should go for Marley since elvis is not interested. Marley is trying to be serious with her academics. congrt

Olukoya Josephine
01.06.2021, 17:40:43

thank God that elvis is ther to comfort her. I know when Marley finds out about elvis and Dennis, she will come after dennis

Olukoya Josephine
01.06.2021, 15:41:33

hope Ramon and Elvis will not be at headlock with each other because of Dennis

Riya Sarkar
24.05.2021, 20:58:06

Congratulations on your new book hon. ^_^

Rose Blaze
24.05.2021, 20:58:54

Riya Sarkar, Thank you very much

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