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Ongoing: 22 Sep 135 pages

Publication: 22.09.2022 — ...

Description of book "Love Me"

David belongs to the rich family of Europe, David is the son of one of the richest businesses man in Europe.Kelly belongs to a middle-class European family, David and Kelly meet in college and both seem to be in love with each other.Kelly is very excited to have a job. As soon as David objects to Kelly's job, they get into a fight and they separate.But don't forget each other.
After a few years, Kelly moves to Australia. And there she starts working.As soon as David does business in Australia, they meet again at a party, but now they start to understand each other.Kelly looked very different. It was very difficult for both of them to meet again.
David Roy and Kelly Bright is Attractive couple Love can never be enough for these passionate couples…