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Love Me in the Dark

Gia Hunter

Story about:obsesssion, temptation, ceo

Age restriction: 18+

87 1275

#1978 in Billionaires
#6044 in Romance

On Hold: 18 Dec 74 pages

Publication: 22.11.2020 — ...

Description of book "Love Me in the Dark "

When my ex starts stalking me, I turn to the man I resented for years for help—a rich and private named Krew Selik. At first, I’m just a damsel in distress, and he’s a knight in shining armor, but our attractions are undeniably strong. I have grown to him that I’d never been with anyone, breaking me free from my own restrain.

I soon find that he is not only my knight, and he’s been struggling to fight his own demons, haunted by his secrets until I become his light in the dark.

When I thought that my life is going in the right direction, everything falls apart. Being with him comes at a price, and some secrets threaten to tear us apart.


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Aisha Siddiqua
27.03.2021, 10:31:09

The story was good indeed

Nadia Maidin
08.12.2020, 15:14:41

Update pls.. Ty

Nadia Maidin
09.12.2020, 23:22:46

Gia Hunter, Just finish reading ur update

Chibi Cazielle
08.12.2020, 08:05:53

keep slayin'!

Gia Hunter
09.12.2020, 13:36:45

Chibi Cazielle, Thanks Chibi❤️