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Love of a Beast

Andy swan

Story about:vampires and werewolves, love and game, fantasy and paranormal romance

Age restriction: 18+

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#554 in Romantic fantasy
#74 in Paranormal

On Hold: 16 Mar 0 pages

Publication: 05.03.2021 — ...

Description of book "Love of a Beast"

"What the hell are you doing? Just stay miles away from me. Don't try to some closer" Ana said holding the gun from the drawer and preventing her voice from creaking. She can't look scared in front of him.
"Try.. go on sweetheart... You should know what I am capable of" He comes closer holding the dagger in his hand and with a fake smile on his face. His face being illuminated by moonlight but his whole body is covered in darkness.
Ana can see both yin and yang in him. Will her love would be the one to kill her? Is this the last time she is seeing him? Didn't he love her ever? Would Ana embrace death or fight for her love?

Ana founds love in a vampire and sees it as a fairytale but Why her lover turned into a beast who wants to claim her life?

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07.03.2021, 09:58:27

Dear author please update another chapter the description of the book seems to be interesting....want to read the story

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