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Ongoing: 16 Oct 77 pages

Publication: 15.09.2021 — ...

Description of book "Love On Fire"

He heard someone cried in pains, he was a bit scared cause the place was lonely.

He moved closer seeing lady in a pool of her blood.

She couldn't talk, she looked so lifeless on the ground.

He tried touching her to ask her what happened that was when he noticed she is dying.

His hands were stained with blood and he decided to leave making sure no one saw him.

He finally saw a taxi and he boarded it and decided to sleep in a hotel.

His name is...... He doesn't believe in love and will never do but...... what happens when he is asked to head a show called LOVE ON FIRE by his mom?

Will he agree to it or rather disobey his mother?

A show where people find true love and he doesn't believe that it exists.
Let's see if true love awaits him when he meets the crazy girl.


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Lucy Igba
23.09.2021, 15:20:51

interested story pls continues

Dream of books
18.09.2021, 13:11:46

hope she wins

Dream of books
17.09.2021, 15:30:42

oh God his life is in stake waiting for more

Dream of books
17.09.2021, 13:25:00

omg I love this book no matter what it's unique uts really soo funny it will be really a good one and update soon

Sassy Jen
17.09.2021, 14:42:16

Dream of books, Thanks so much,I just uploaded

Icy Cute
16.09.2021, 20:17:14

Whatever it is. I will support all authors. It takes guts to upload one story more so writing one. U are amazing author. Keep it up.

Sassy Jen
17.09.2021, 13:54:30

Icy Cute, Thank you, please don't forget to follow me

Marta Cruz
15.09.2021, 15:37:42

Love the cover

Sassy Jen
15.09.2021, 17:09:37

Marta Cruz, Thanks dear

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