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Love or Destiny

Koko Rao

Story about:romantic, arrange marriage, love romance

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#19 in Contemporary fiction
#182 in Romance

Ongoing: 13 Oct 19 pages

Publication: 10.10.2021 — ...

Description of book "Love or Destiny "

"Um! Wanna know a secret?"... He said and she looks at him surprisingly and nods,

He smiled and said,

"Before Mom, I saw you at the party, I instantly find some kind of attraction toward you, and then I heard you talking with your cousins and I find your name, Sana. For the last two years, I didn't forget that day I saw you even your Black colou Patiala suit ( Indian wear ). I don't know it's attraction or something, but I do like you from that day,"... He told her everything without any hesitation and he didn't even know why?

"Mom also like you when she met you the first time and when she send me your pictures for the marriage proposal, you will laugh, but that day I behave as a teenager fell in love,".... He completes her words.

Sana thinks a lot and blinks a lot at the moment and a


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Arifa Kazi
15.10.2021, 11:32:53

happy disarray to u and ur family

Arifa Kazi
12.10.2021, 14:10:06

I am happy u wrote another project ur first writing was excellent keep it up

Koko Rao
12.10.2021, 22:53:20

Arifa Kazi, Thank you and please do follow vote and share,

Madhu Veena
11.10.2021, 08:27:29

nice update

Koko Rao
11.10.2021, 12:10:00

Madhu Veena, thankyou and please do follow and share

10.10.2021, 17:35:59

I like it sometimes a book with unicorns and rainbow is all you need to lift the mood........ you book is good like a fairy tail !!!

Koko Rao
10.10.2021, 22:14:26

TRIPTI MALWA, thank you and please do follow and share.

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