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Love, Sex & Malevolence

Rae Collier

Story about:romance, erotica, demon girl

Age restriction: 18+

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#1207 in Romance
#17 in Erotic Supernatural

Complete 141 pages

Publication: 18.03.2021 — 03.05.2021

Description of book "Love, Sex & Malevolence"

Paul is doing his Honours degree. When he sees a woman on campus who is strikingly attractive he starts obsessing over her, lusting over her, wanting her. He can't help thinking about how she might look naked

One lucky night Paul gets what he's been hoping for, a chance to take her back to his place, but as events unravel after he wonders if he's perhaps gotten more than he bargained for. The secrets she has are going to overwhelm him, the secret that she is actually a demon. His morality will be questioned time and time again and the lines between things of this world and things of hers will become blurred.

Paul thought he would be getting sex, and so he did, otherworldly sex and with it came an otherworldly woman from a hellish world.


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Rain Bow
02.05.2022, 16:26:04

you left me hanging..

shravni Singh
30.09.2021, 18:32:56

when will the sequel come?

shravni Singh
30.09.2021, 18:11:28

Comment has been deleted

Cynthia Georginah
14.07.2021, 11:37:07

Amazing story Author

Syeda Noorah
26.05.2021, 11:59:25

It was an amazing story...I really loved it..
The story was a roller coasting ride for has so many ups and downs....
Every chapter is unique in their own way...
The last chapter was wonderful but the end I didn't expect it ..I thought it will be a happy ending but the table turns completely...
Is the book is going to be continued or not ????
I want book 2..

Syeda Noorah
27.05.2021, 14:31:22

Rae Collier, Ur most welcome dear...
It will be so good and I'll be eagerly waiting for it...

10.05.2021, 01:45:24

Very good!! I like the story!!!

Tumi Rantao
20.04.2021, 11:13:17

Fantastic read, wish there was more!

Awethu Lushozi
29.03.2021, 22:48:37

Great read!! Definitely interested to read more

Josh de Klerk
29.03.2021, 22:42:19

Awesome read, I can’t wait for the rest. We want more!

jack king
29.03.2021, 21:58:52

Absolutely amazing in every sense. From page 1 to the last. Highly highly would recommend

Tennyson Junior
29.03.2021, 21:38:01

This book makes me vividly picture every moment what a beautiful piece when do we get the rest of it?

Kayla Potgieter
29.03.2021, 21:00:07

I could not wait for the next page. Great read.

Matthew Van Rooyen
29.03.2021, 20:56:26

Great read!

Bradley Thomas
29.03.2021, 20:49:24

Such a good find. Can't wait for more to come !

Devan Kerr
29.03.2021, 20:47:51

An amazing book! I look forward to many more.

Andries Du Plessis
29.03.2021, 20:33:37

Must read book of 2021. Keep them coming!

Panache Keswa
29.03.2021, 13:26:18

Wish it was longer!

Nkosinathi Chibi
29.03.2021, 13:02:51

I’m already so engaged just off the first chapter, it just kept me wanting more and more

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