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Love shades


Story about:contemporary romance, new things, love hate love relationship

Age restriction: 18+

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#604 in New Adult & College
#1179 in Contemporary Romance

On Hold: 04 Oct 11 pages

Publication: 28.08.2020 — ...

Description of book "Love shades"

I was breathing heavily the time I reach my classroom because of all the running,
"Can I come in..... Sir", I asked
"Sure you can... Miss Arora take your seat", holding my admission from in one hand
I start walking towards the seats but, freeze in the middle of the classroom
Because I saw him after 2 years, his eyes locked with mine.
Met by fate ( kabir&samaira) but now love took the place of hate... Read their story of lovers to hater to lovers again.

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21.09.2020, 14:32:19

Synopsis looks promising but I need more chapter to understand and interest me. When can I expect mext update?

21.09.2020, 19:09:58

Anjaani, stay connected interesting chapters coming soon