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Love story

muthulakshmi G

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love, love at first sight, love marriage


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Publication: 17.06.2020 — 17.06.2020

Description of book "Love story "

Love story

This is a true love story. The story is about the amazing Jedi (Lucky Cowles) and the cute couple. They have a beautiful fight and beautiful care and help.

This is a story hero and heroin name meaning analysis for you ...

Hero: Vinoth Kumar

Heroin: Latchaga and Lakshmi

✓V-valued, I-intuitive, N-notal, O-optimistic, T-talkative,

H-hard-working, K-kind, U-understanding, M-musical, A-daptable, R-rational.

✓L-loud, A-athletic, T-talkative, C-communicative, H-helpful, A-adaptable, G-gentle, A-attractive.

L-loyal, A-attractive, K-kind, S-sympathetic, H-hard-working, M-melancholy, I-intelligent.

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LB Harpdog 17.06.2020, 15:38:42

This is way better ... good job

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muthulakshmi G 18.06.2020, 03:59:07

LB Harpdog, thank you so much...,

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