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Love With Mr. Bonfire


Story about:when two opposites came together

Age restriction: 18+

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#227 in Romantic erotica
#16 in Humor

Ongoing: 14 May 9 pages

Publication: 09.05.2022 — ...

Description of book "Love With Mr. Bonfire "

Eva Watson a fun-loving , carefree girl come to London in search of Job and live with her foster aunt at Griffin's House . At last she end up falling in love with Aadan Griffin a silent, introvert, orthodox and ill-tempered man . Will they ever accept their feelings ?Will they ever confess their feelings ? Read my story to know the answer!

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Poonam Kaswan
16.05.2022, 13:43:42

Nice and refreshing story is on the way I guess. All the best btw pls tell their ages and are there going to be sex scenes ? ,Ummm..I guess they r important , arent they ?

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