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On Hold: 04 Oct 6 pages

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Description of book "Love you 2"

Gay hearthrob Carson Uriekha Liaño gets in a campus relationship with the nobody named Yael,later did they realized of him being gay with a girlfriend but nobody cares about it since they're th most talked about couple in the campus. Things had changed when a handsome bisexual comes their way,the ever gorgeous gray-eyed Eiji Caspian Siren. Yael's hidden feelings for her bestfriend Carson changed the first she met the hot Eiji who happened to be Carson's suitor. Would things get worser as the three clashed with each other? How about Carson's feelings and point of view? Would the two parties accept Yael for her hidden past?
"Still,I'm craving for your presence,I want to stay with you no matter what,I want to be the reason of all your laughters and smiles"- Eiji

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Ryo Eka
04.10.2020, 23:52:52


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