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Belva Faristha

Story about:love, arranged marriage, billionaire

Age restriction: 18+

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#305 in New Adult & College
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Publication: 07.05.2021 — ...

Description of book "Loveless"

"You may buy everything with your money but apparently it can't buy you my heart" she sneered at her own claimed.

"I own you" he claimed her.

She laughed madly at his claimed, mocking him right in front of his face as if she has lost her sanity.

"You bought me! You owned my body!" she reminded her the whole truth.

"But until the end of the day, he'll be the one who owned my heart. I'LL NEVER GIVE IT TO YOU!" she shouted, vowing her words to him, herself and the universe.

"YOU ARE MINE!" he shouted and slammed his lips to hers without any warning.

In a world where money matters most, would it be enough if you've got wealth but no love?

*Previously known as 'Bought'


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07.06.2021, 11:35:21

amazing novel
I was literally waiting for a school life romance novel and here it is!

Belva Faristha
07.06.2021, 13:16:50

Himani kaushik, Thank you for reading, dear.

Belva Faristha
16.05.2021, 10:42:27

Hey, I just wanna say thank you for reading. Please don't forget to like and comment. Love you all!..
If you commented and don't receive any response from me, I'm really sorry cuz there's some sort of problem with my booknet, I'm still trying to figure it out

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