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Loving Mr. Wrong

Ms Ashby

Story about:spoiled heiress and the billionaire

Age restriction: 18+

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#1265 in Billionaires
#3856 in Romance

On Hold: 27 Dec 40 pages

Publication: 23.03.2021 — ...

Description of book "Loving Mr. Wrong "

Jill Buenaventura is the typical rebel rich girl who gets whatever she wants from her mother to avoid any scandal that might taint the reputation of their business empire-a multinational mining corporation.

What Jill wants, Jill gets but Trevor Scott has always been an exception. He loves someone else he could never have.

In a bid to his heart, Jill goes on a dangerous mission. She offered herself to Trevor hoping she could change his heart and love her instead but to no avail.

When a sexual relationship is all he could give to her, will it still be enough for her to stay?

When everything is falling in the right place including Trevor's dream girl, will Jill be finally able to let go?


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Sasmita Satapathy
31.03.2021, 15:45:47

u r not goi g to update this story

Sasmita Satapathy
04.04.2021, 08:15:14

Ms Ashby, thanks

Sasmita Satapathy
23.03.2021, 22:15:01

nice story .please update

Ms Ashby
26.03.2021, 09:05:17

Sasmita Satapathy, Thanks. Pls follow me for more updates

Patience Boniface
26.03.2021, 07:23:06

nice update

Ms Ashby
26.03.2021, 09:04:57

Patience Boniface, Thank you. Pls follow me for more updates

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