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Loving My Daughter's Lover

Belva Faristha

Story about:forbidden love, age gap, forbidden desire

Age restriction: 18+

8 62

#620 in Contemporary Romance
#3330 in Romance

On Hold: 26 May 5 pages

Publication: 22.05.2021 — ...

Description of book "Loving My Daughter's Lover"

He looks right into her eyes,
The intensity in between is unquestioned.

She tried stepping away but he held her hand so she put the knife down on the table.
"This is wrong" she said while caressing his cheeks, fighting all the feelings within.

For a second his heart was shattered but it's whole again when she slammed her lips on his.

"But it feels right"

Maxime Prince. A young bachelor that girls are falling for, one of the richest billionaire on earth, a man with an attractive looks and attitude too.

Everything was fine until he fell for a girl, Cassandra Vierre. Cassandra is a simple goody two shoes but the problem is she has a boyfriend, Xavier King, the bad boy of the town. Maxime asked for her mother's help but what happens when his heart is tangled with hers too?

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Mojibul Haque
29.05.2021, 17:52:03

update soon

Belva Faristha
29.05.2021, 19:55:37

Mojibul Haque, Thank u for commenting, dear. Will do. Don't forget to check my other books! :)

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