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Loving The Writer Billionaire

Sarah Brown

Story about:erotica, billionaireromance, billionaire love

Age restriction: 18+

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Complete 147 pages

Publication: 15.03.2021 — 15.03.2021

Description of book "Loving The Writer Billionaire"

running away is not a solution but Sydney had no other choice. She was alone and helpless. So, she ran and bumped into someone else who was already hiding away from the world. Her old identity was gone, she was a different person and she was trying to make a small world for herself where she could be safe.
Mark had everything one could ever want. He was a billionaire writer, he was heir to Evans Enterprises, he was the son of a billionaire and had fame, name, and so much money he himself couldn't count. But he was hiding from the world. One night had changed everything.
When both of them run into each other, life gets beautiful. They start making a different world together but shadows never leave us. And the story turns on an unwanted path. What's there in the future for them?


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Poonam Lunker
10.05.2022, 17:25:58

short and sweet beautiful story....loved it..i wish it had few more chapters...good job

Prathika Shalom
27.04.2022, 11:35:48

this was an amazing book ,I Appreciate the author keep writing like this:)

Sarah Brown
27.04.2022, 12:21:28

Prathika Shalom, Thanks a ton, dear

Alice karanja
28.03.2022, 23:59:22

wow that's an amazing book.

Eram Khan
16.03.2022, 06:51:10

dear author your writings are simply amazing. If it is possible I'll give you 5 stars for your books. Keep it up.

Sarah Brown
16.03.2022, 13:31:20

Eram Khan, Thanks a lot. That's so very kind of you.

11.03.2022, 01:54:45

loved this story

Jeff Stroud
23.01.2022, 15:17:49

Dear Author, you are a very talented writer. Truly love this book. Keep it up!

Sarah Brown
23.01.2022, 15:52:22

Jeff Stroud, Thanks Jeff. It means a lot

Priya Singh
09.01.2022, 07:02:33

you are awesome author
the book is beyond awesome
loved it

Sarah Brown
09.01.2022, 08:46:59

Priya Singh, Thanks a lot

Hannah Heath
08.01.2022, 13:18:42

Short and sweet!! Absolutely beautiful!! You are a very talented writer!!

Sarah Brown
08.01.2022, 15:13:10

Hannah Heath, Thanks a lot...

Greeshma M
26.11.2021, 18:32:04

One more feather in the cap make us drown into your stories...❤❤❤

Neelam Salve Naik
12.11.2021, 22:20:10

i read all ur books since last night.....each book is truly truly amazing. u r so good at it....i prefer books which are not lengthy.... Wish u all the luck with ongoing book which also is a gem....

Sarah Brown
13.11.2021, 07:01:39

Neelam Salve Naik, Thanks a lot. I hope that I keep writing amazing books for you readers.

21.10.2021, 20:53:37

How do write such amazing stories(・∀・) All your books are so good. I really want you to write more and publish your books.

Sarah Brown
25.10.2021, 21:55:30

Akshu, Such great readers like you make us write good stories.

Nomonde Shabalala
02.07.2021, 22:31:29

From the beginning to the last page... There is somebody out there waiting for me, thank you for the book.

Sarah Brown
04.07.2021, 07:23:18

Nomonde Shabalala, Great to know I could write something you liked.

Ginny Pestano
28.06.2021, 16:33:18

Thank you for this lovely book. I enjoyed reading it.

Sarah Brown
30.06.2021, 11:46:11

Ginny Pestano, I am glad I could write something for you. It's so great to hear from you.

03.06.2021, 21:01:06

ahh this book also completed ,again great book, waiting to read your new book.your writting is simple and easy .I love u sarah

Sarah Brown
04.06.2021, 09:18:29

RUCHIKA NAHATA, Thanks a lot. And I love you guys too. It's so nice to hear from you.

beautiful!!!! happy ending

Sarah Brown
30.05.2021, 23:59:05

Adenike Adeniyi Mary Adebusoye, Thanks

Renu kataria
19.05.2021, 20:24:04

Amazing this...

Sarah Brown
20.05.2021, 11:16:50

Renu kataria, Thank You

Teja Rani
05.05.2021, 19:28:00

Woww short and sweet story without much drama.

Sarah Brown
07.05.2021, 00:00:23

Teja Rani, Thank you so much.

Shikha Nagpal
05.04.2021, 13:55:31

Thankyou Author for such a nice novel.
They are realy short and beautiful . now I am waiting for your 3rd novel which is in process..

Sarah Brown
05.04.2021, 21:03:39

Shikha Nagpal, Thanks a lot.:)
You people really inspire us to write more and more amazing stories.

Jenny G
03.04.2021, 21:20:03

Such a Beautiful story, good work. ❤

Sarah Brown
03.04.2021, 22:11:16

Jenny G, Thanks.:)

Brenda Wanjiku
28.03.2021, 19:07:53

nice story

Sarah Brown
29.03.2021, 09:55:13

Brenda Wanjiku, Thank You:)

26.03.2021, 00:33:24

such a beautiful story!! Not sure why so less likes. I loved it !!!

Sarah Brown
26.03.2021, 12:14:06

vandana gupta, Thanks a lot

Jennifer Zeigler
22.03.2021, 23:08:39

Great story!!!❤️❤️❤️

Sarah Brown
23.03.2021, 06:37:01

Jennifer Zeigler, Thanks for reading. Hope you enjoyed it.:)

Josie joe
20.03.2021, 15:29:08

love love the storyline...very interesting... can't stopped to read it. well done in writing the story.

Sarah Brown
22.03.2021, 21:43:03

Josie joe, Thanks a lot:)

Syeda Noorah
22.03.2021, 20:40:32

Amazing story...

Sarah Brown
22.03.2021, 21:42:48

Syeda Noorah, Thanku

Dr-Hana Khalid
18.03.2021, 08:29:05

Nice gripping story great work author

Sarah Brown
18.03.2021, 18:08:15

Dr-Hana Khalid, Thank you so much

17.03.2021, 08:19:25

U r so dam❤
Amazing story:):)❤

Sarah Brown
17.03.2021, 14:49:21

Shreya Singh, Thanku :)

Chantel Abrahamse
16.03.2021, 12:08:58

Nice story

Sarah Brown
16.03.2021, 17:16:41

Chantel Abrahamse, Thanku :)

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