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My name is Tamara Grace Finely.

And this is my story.

I was born on the 26th of January. 4 months premature.
The doctors said I wouldn't make it. But I did. That's why my parents named me Grace.

My parents are devout Christians. We go to church every Sunday, pray every night before bed and before and after every meal.

But this story, my story, isn't about how I gave my life to Christ or how I battled Satan.

No, this story is about how I, the daughter of Michael and Esther Finely, born into Christianity, raised to believe werewolves, witches, vampires were things of the underworld, things of the Devil, things I should raise my Bible to battle, became the Luna of the Blood Moon pack. Mate to Alpha Grey Brewer.

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Shraddha Joshi 22.02.2021, 02:08:40

Your updates are too late in even forgot the name of character. By the way who is Eric in first place means during her school time

Red Delin 03.02.2021, 07:04:21

I hate her father. I also belong to a very strict catholic family but, my parents, especially, my father is not this narrow minded. The only thing he wants us (his daughters)is to strictly follow is to always respect and protect our chastity, and that of other women for my brothers before marriage.

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TheWordNerd 13.02.2021, 01:28:35

Red Delin, Makes sense!

Red Delin 03.02.2021, 17:01:33

OMG!!!! I can't stop reading your book. It's so addictive. I just love the way your characters and plot develops. You're one great writer. Loving your story so so much

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TheWordNerd 13.02.2021, 01:27:21

Red Delin, Hi thanks so much!!!!!

Red Delin 03.02.2021, 18:45:25

stupid girl, you should have listened to grey and his friends that ciara and Scott are bad news.

Red Delin 03.02.2021, 08:00:34

i just love your book so much.

Yoelle Martinolich 03.02.2021, 07:16:56

just cuz someone's Christian doesn't mean that they can't do anything and putting on make up is not 'sinful'

Yoelle Martinolich 03.02.2021, 07:15:50

... oop spoiler alert

Red Delin 02.02.2021, 17:17:44

hi, i just started reading your book and so far I'm loving it.

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TheWordNerd 02.02.2021, 19:14:21

Red Delin, I'm glad you are!!

Phoenix girl 02.02.2021, 13:44:42

I never expected Scott to do something like that to her , but please don't let Scott take her away from Grey !!!!!!!!

One last thing.......The update was wonderful but ....... TOO SHORT!!!!!!!!

Beauty Angel 01.02.2021, 17:23:08

Oh my gosh my gosh I know that Ciara was or at least have something to do with it because everyone at least we know the braces that he can smell something is wrong that's why you don't want your own Ciara , Scott but the part where she turn it said that she could cook and she didn't even really make do a good job I was totally freaking out like what the

Love Egbejale 01.02.2021, 00:33:24

nice chapter but it's always too short. can you write longer ones please?

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Love Egbejale 01.02.2021, 09:20:49

TheWordNerd, okay thanks.

Kamna Kundi 01.02.2021, 07:43:25

I really hope Grey finds her out before that bugger does something..

Nisha Jamshetti 30.01.2021, 21:44:23

updates plss

Phoenix girl 20.01.2021, 03:49:30

hey please update again

Manjot Kaur 18.01.2021, 15:07:52

happiest birthday @thewordnerd ....oooh and i love ur storyy...keep on writing......and yeahh enjoyy ur dayy

Beauty Angel 18.01.2021, 04:23:44

Happy birthday
Thx for updating

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Beauty Angel 18.01.2021, 13:46:16

TheWordNerd, NP
out of all the luna and alphas this one is my fav

Shinybella 18.01.2021, 09:16:17

Nice story, waiting for more.....

Shraddha Joshi 18.01.2021, 02:46:54

Happy Birthday

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TheWordNerd 18.01.2021, 04:05:25

Shraddha Joshi, Thank you! ❤️❤️

Phoenix girl 18.01.2021, 03:48:38

hey ,please keep on updating regularly, I love your updates

Nisha Jamshetti 12.01.2021, 20:53:44


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Nisha Jamshetti 17.01.2021, 15:10:29

TheWordNerd, its okay....if updates are this long...then reader's loose their interest....

Amisha Arun 14.01.2021, 19:57:53

I literally love your would be great if you update more often or daily..

The last comment in the thread:

TheWordNerd 15.01.2021, 23:26:13

Amisha Arun, sorry about the long waits!!

Courtney Johnson 08.01.2021, 18:23:01

I really enjoyed this book! Can’t wait for another update:)

Phoenix girl 27.12.2020, 07:52:16

When are you going to update again, it's such a nice story , please update soon

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Phoenix girl 31.12.2020, 11:33:21

TheWordNerd, thanks

Manjot Kaur 20.12.2020, 12:11:15

update please???????

The last comment in the thread:

TheWordNerd 30.12.2020, 23:33:51

Manjot Kaur, new update up!

Viola Vonburg 26.12.2020, 23:05:22

I extremly like your story
Hope your exams go well

The last comment in the thread:

TheWordNerd 27.12.2020, 16:18:25

Viola Geratted, Thank you!!

Beauty Angel 25.12.2020, 10:41:32

thank u for your time in writing this book.

Ilove this story.

Pls update sooon

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Beauty Angel 25.12.2020, 22:03:51

TheWordNerd, thx i come on often just to check on your update

and i llove supernatural books

Fictions 24.12.2020, 19:23:01

keep going girl .
and also fast updating please ☺️.

The last comment in the thread:

TheWordNerd 25.12.2020, 15:53:34

Anu Chaudhary, thank you! I will try!

Phoenix girl 25.12.2020, 05:36:14

wow ,when are you going to update again

Elizabeth Dairo 19.12.2020, 05:10:00

This book is freaking slow !!!!!!!!

Michael Hunegnaw 18.12.2020, 16:40:13

pls update soon

Fictions 10.12.2020, 19:56:57

thanks for uploading:,-)

The last comment in the thread:

TheWordNerd 10.12.2020, 23:41:43

Anu Chaudhary, You're welcome ❤️

Love Egbejale 08.12.2020, 22:09:25

you made a mistake with Grey's pov. first line. shouldn't it be Grace and Scott?.

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Love Egbejale 09.12.2020, 08:28:20

TheWordNerd, you're welcome

Peace 08.12.2020, 21:33:47

very beautiful piece

Fictions 08.12.2020, 13:45:14

plz update

Isabella Fennimore 29.11.2020, 12:07:54

Huh, do u really think the police will arrest our Grey!! c'mon u don't even know him mf!! He the king alphaヾ(≧▽≦*)o so u better back off and same goes for Scott!! u too better back off and why do I have a feeling that the shadow hunters(or whatever the grup name it was) Scott is the chosen one

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Abigail Cornforth 08.12.2020, 00:33:08

Isabella Fennimore, Yes... ALSO GREYCE4LIFE

Abigail Cornforth 08.12.2020, 00:31:24

Heh... okay who else wants the father to come to the wedding after she gets marked... in a very visible place? I also want him to die! Who thinks that the ship name should be Greyce? Just binged this today!

Paranormal romance 03.12.2020, 19:00:13

Grey is always there for grace when she needs him i love the connection between alpha and his luna love the book : ) :) :)

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TheWordNerd 06.12.2020, 10:14:11

Paranormal romance, :)

SugarDevil 04.12.2020, 21:39:57

The parents are too strict. I don't like them. AT ALL

Fictions 03.12.2020, 18:41:40

this is something interesting.
I'm loving this ♥️♥️

The last comment in the thread:

TheWordNerd 03.12.2020, 22:20:49

Anu Chaudhary, ❤️❤️❤️

Fictions 03.12.2020, 18:48:19

Grace father is so boaring ..

Audien allan 01.12.2020, 22:52:13

i love dis a big fan of ya books

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The last comment in the thread:

Audien allan 02.12.2020, 12:54:15

TheWordNerd, yup

Love Egbejale 01.12.2020, 22:19:07

if it were my story I'd kill Lily off. she's been such a bitch.

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Love Egbejale 02.12.2020, 12:36:07

TheWordNerd, oh I'm on wattpad too. I go by my real name there Love Egbejale

Love Egbejale 01.12.2020, 22:09:25

more like

Tiya ray 30.11.2020, 09:33:03

nice work ......update son....

The last comment in the thread:

Tiya ray 30.11.2020, 09:34:54

Tiya ray, nice work update soon...

Aanchal Bajaj 29.11.2020, 22:23:15

Amazing book
Please update soon

Thobile 29.11.2020, 03:57:12

I don't like scott

Kavinayah Goby 28.11.2020, 20:12:07

OMG I seriously love this story.. it’s just so amazing... I love stories about supernaturals especially about werewolves and vampires. Pls upload the next chapter.. Don’t make me wait for a long time .. tq

Vinina Trimeta 25.11.2020, 14:45:50

Aku baru ketemu buku ini, Ceritanya sangat luar biasa, ya tuhan sangat menegangkan membacanya.. dan apakah Gracie akan jadi anak durhaka. Lol

Aku sangat sangat mencintai ceritamu penulis

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The last comment in the thread:

TheWordNerd 26.11.2020, 01:34:18

Vinina Trimeta, ❤️

Isabella Fennimore 25.11.2020, 13:38:42

Fuck!! will you fucking trust me if I say that am freaking addicted to this book!!For goodness sake Author how can someone write so good!! This book is so good! I read it in a hour! and now am regretting it because I just can not get enough of it!! I hope you update often because I will be waiting freaking eagerly! This has become one of my favourite books! So simple but yet so addictive. Also I don't really like Scott, I hope he does not become the love rival and he better be with Claire. Also just in advance that u know that I will be ripping Lily's head off her body very soon! I love Gracie and Grey and Ryan and Mace too muchh!!

The last comment in the thread:

TheWordNerd 25.11.2020, 14:04:02

Isabella Fennimore, This is honestly one of the best comments I've ever read!!! THANK YOU! Also, I low-key think Lily deserves it so go right ahead. I update every Saturday so I hope you keep reading!

Nedy Hdz 23.10.2020, 04:40:35

why cant I read your book? I have not been able to read you last update! every book i try to go into to read the pages are blank! What can I do? I have reported the issue but nothing!!! Its driving me nuts!!!

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Isabella Fennimore 25.11.2020, 11:03:56

Nedy Hdz, U shud uninstall the app and then install it again then I guess it will work

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