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Made for me.


Story about:finding happiness, finding love, accetance

Age restriction: 18+

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On Hold: 30 May 14 pages

Publication: 13.09.2020 — ...

Description of book "Made for me."

Being a stripper was never what I had in mind but after suffering years of neglect and sexual abuse, it was my only way out. So when I turned eighteen I left, without a second taught, without a second glance, I left the monster behind, I left the mother who never had my back towards a better life with nothing but a handful of clothes and a thousand dollars that I saved from selling lemonades in the summer and scooping snow in the winter and other small jobs I could find.

I've heard that a mother's love surpasses any other kind of love and it was disappointing. I concluded that Love isn't real, that it's just an overused word so when Christopher Carlos walked into my life, I refused his love and pushed him away especially now that I have a little girl of my own.


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