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Ongoing: 14 Aug 70 pages

Publication: 28.05.2022 — ...

Description of book "Madness in Love"

Shah Zain was holding her with one hand while opening his shirt button with the other hand. Meanwhile, he didn't let Minal separate from him for a moment.

"Shah Zain please, it's not right time, it's too early."

She was trying hard to control her unsteady condition, but who was listening to her?

"Nothing is early Minal.... and today you can't stop me..... because today you himself come close to me."

He picks her up in his arms and lays her on the bed. He bends on Minal while saying that.

Feeling his lips on her neck, Minal feels like losing herself.

"Shah Zain please....."

For the last time, she tried to free herself from his hold. But Shah Zain again stops her from uttering anything.

He just wants to feel Minal's closeness with himself. He wants to say how much he loves her.


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Alishba kazmi
05.08.2022, 23:51:01

i need more noor and kawish .. i just love them

Padmareddy Patlolla
03.08.2022, 09:25:00

loved the story author, please continue.

Alishba kazmi
02.08.2022, 21:15:45

Comment has been deleted

Mercy Ochuware
02.08.2022, 19:44:50

please continue the story is so interesting

Rokiya Fathima
02.08.2022, 18:08:04

pls update author don't stop...

Alishba kazmi
30.07.2022, 23:53:45

yess!me too i also love this book so much ..
plz don't keep this book on hold ..

Tammy Heccker
27.07.2022, 21:04:15

but i love this book!!!

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