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Mafia's Pure Addiction

Eva Quin

Series: Mafia

Story about:erotica, lies and secrets, mafia billonaire

Age restriction: 18+

57 544

#1230 in Billionaires
#697 in Contemporary Romance

On Hold: 24 Apr 23 pages

Publication: 14.04.2021 — ...

Description of book "Mafia's Pure Addiction"

"I love crying, women..." William teased and settled next to her few inches away.
"Do you help them" Angela inquired while wiping the tears from her hazel brown eyes with her hands like a child?
"WHY NOT. If they agree to help blow the juice out of my testicles..." William had a smirk on his face and offered her a handkerchief.
" I am not a hooker. Why nothing is free in this world. Why I am the only one who has no uncle or relative to ask for help... " Angela had a tamed voice and took the handkerchief from his hand. Even at this moment, her voice was hardly audible and she was depressed.
''Yes relatives are quite of helping nature, Even I clearly remember the night when I witnessed my mother spreading her legs for his stepbrother and making deep dark love and moaning just for .....


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Ronda Workman Wellman
11.03.2022, 03:51:15

Do you ever plan to finish this story? How long are you going to keep it on hold?

Icy Cute
26.04.2021, 21:55:54

Nice story. Interesting

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