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Book. "Mafia's Second Wife (discontinued)" read online

Mafia's Second Wife (discontinued)


Story about:mafiaking, mafia abduction and forced love, maffia king in love

Age restriction: 18+

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#112 in Fanfiction
#301 in Thrillers & Suspense

On Hold: 08 Aug 10 pages

Publication: 25.06.2022 — ...

Description of book "Mafia's Second Wife (discontinued)"

When mafia's first wife is infertile,and his dad forced him to marry second time and he have no choice but to find a suitable wife that can give them a heir .
But one day he saw his long time crush and decided that he will marry her but things became different when she refused to marry him .
So what do you think what will happen???
Will they will get married or not????


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Divyanka Shukla
26.06.2022, 06:39:28

I hate this type of story. When 1st wife have to suffer for this . And the main male lead will marry another. What about her feelings. I request u don't make this type of story. U r a author and u have the power to spread positivity. Don't make this type of story this is disgusting.

Constance Silvester
22.07.2022, 04:06:52

Divyanka Shukla, I totally see your POV, and we may not like these scenerios, but they do occur and there is a clientbase who find this genre of interest... For, even in North American culture the issue of infertility is serious, and many different options are explored, up to and including surrogate motherhood- How the writer addresses this isue makes a huge difference on the reading experience. ;) Cheers!

26.06.2022, 07:12:58

Comment has been deleted

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