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Make You Mine..

The Scarlett

Story about:passionate romance, rich boy, student and professor forbidden love

Age restriction: 18+

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Publication: 01.06.2021 — ...

Description of book "Make You Mine.."

"What are you doing? I already said, I can't have relation with you!" Bella was sitting on chair & felt uneasy when Oliver closed the door of her office.
"Why? I'm not good enough for you?"
Oliver turned her chair towards him, leaned closer. His intense stare was so lustful that Bella looked down.
"I'm your professor Oliver! Let's forget what happened that night." As Bella was his new professor, it was impossible for her to have relation with him.
"Forget it? I can't! Nor I'll allow you to forget it!"
Oliver was now angry on her. For him, she was his first & last love.
"Oliver! Plea.."
Bella wasn't able to finish her words, as Oliver held her tightly & kissed deeply. He was so passionate & direct, that Bella even forgot to refuse it!

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Saniya Antony
27.01.2022, 12:00:42

Comment has been deleted

Saniya Antony
19.01.2022, 11:55:42

Plzz update

The Scarlett
19.01.2022, 15:28:10

Saniya Antony, Thank you so much for following my work dear. I will update this story by tomorrow. Good day!

Saniya Antony
15.01.2022, 12:09:34

update plzz

Saniya Antony
31.12.2021, 07:41:59

update plzz

The Scarlett
12.01.2022, 19:01:31

Saniya Antony, Done dear.

Cris Naval
13.06.2021, 21:37:12

So Bella is older than illy?

The Scarlett
12.01.2022, 18:40:00

Cris Naval, Yes, Bella is 26 & Oliver is 22 year old.

Vijayalakshmi Viji
10.07.2021, 08:17:28

I want updates

Vijayalakshmi Viji
24.06.2021, 16:08:55

author when isthe next update ?
I really love your story and want more