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Book. "Marked by the Elven Prince" read online

Marked by the Elven Prince

Nicole Marcina

Story about:elves, forbidenlove, pregancy

39 277

#262 in Romantic fantasy

On Hold: 31 Aug 12 pages

Publication: 31.08.2022 — ...

Description of book "Marked by the Elven Prince"

Iya was but a mere mortal. Shunned by her own mother for not being the daughter she was expected to be. Seen as odd, she was neglected and forgotten by her own world. No one sees her. No one cares for her. Except for one.
The Elven Prince.
Prince Aien.
Both met in the world of mortals, hidden in the plains outside of town where they had a love like no other. However, their union was a blasphemy in the eyes of the Elves and Iya was once again viled and hated on.
Banished with Darfin, Aien's former servant, Iya was banished to the Mountain of Tall Trees. Iya and Aien were expected to forget each other and lose connection with one another. Forever.
But what if a seed was planted? A seed that will forever connect Iya and Aien? A seed that will turn their lives upside down?


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Bel Espada
10.10.2022, 09:39:10

Update please.

Bel Espada
28.09.2022, 02:20:11

Very nice and interesting. Looking forward for more.

Bel Espada
28.09.2022, 01:59:27

Please update.

joan banda
03.09.2022, 21:02:57

love the story

Esther Ivory
31.08.2022, 20:38:38

already love the book can't wait to read it

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