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Book. "Married by mistake" read online

Married by mistake

Alina Flores

Story about:boyxboy, lgbt love, boyslove

Age restriction: 18+

97 1168

#776 in Romantic erotica
#284 in LGBT

On Hold: 07 Jul 178 pages

Publication: 02.12.2020 — ...

Description of book "Married by mistake"

Ariel and Azúl.
They are married by mistake and if the papers are not found, perhaps for life, what will happen between them? Can they find the papers and annul the marriage that would never have happened between them had it not been for that pair of thieves? Could it be that they end up meeting and never parting again? I invite you to know its history.


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Bella thorn
30.03.2021, 05:54:15

sis there are many gramatical when its supposed to her u have written him please edit them ..then the readers will feel comfortable....but the story is awesome

Alina Flores
04.04.2021, 05:56:32

Bhagya yelleti, I'm sorry, I'll try to fix it, thanks for your comment

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