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On Hold: 23 Jul 22 pages

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Description of book "Masquerade Of Destiny"

A heart wrecked of past love, Karen – the Alpha werewolf wants to escape his reality of being the king to the human realm to explore new possibilities of human sustainability through his Nanoscience and technology knowledge.

A vampire princess comes to the human world to save her community from extinction by a fair chance of living from lurking in shadows to walk in a respectful way.

A jobless human girl was in the brim of life to save her father’s life from his dreadful past, wanted to be employed upon numerous struggles.

In the journey of three different lives, destiny binds their life with ropes of love, betrayal, jealousy, hatred, and revenge. Will they survive the deadly signs of destiny

Let’s explore the love triangle story of three different species by escaping their reality.


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22.07.2021, 09:13:04

the plot is nice . looking forward to the following chapters!

Aurora Bluemoon
22.07.2021, 17:54:31

catpastry, Hey, thank you for your comments. I am glad to receive a reader like you. Updation in process. Keep reading and continue your support.

Payal Mandal
16.07.2021, 10:18:54

the poetry :o

Payal Mandal
16.07.2021, 11:05:29

Aurora Bluemoon, I can't write poems.. so yeah... I would love to read poetries :)

Payal Mandal
16.07.2021, 10:24:54

This sounds interesting :o

Aurora Bluemoon
16.07.2021, 10:47:41

Payal Mandal, I write to fulfil your expectations of this story.

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