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Master Brian's maid


Story about:rape, badboy romance, rich

Age restriction: 18+

32 362

#688 in Romance
#39 in Young adult

Ongoing: 20 Apr 70 pages

Publication: 20.04.2022 — ...

Description of book "Master Brian's maid"

Jane lost her family when she was young, she was captured by adopters and sold to traffickers. While on the run, Jane ran into Brian, who helped her escape the traffickers. Brian hires Jane as his maid but on the other hand forces her to submit unconditionally to his requests.
A week has passed, Jane has gradually adjusted to life in the Lawrence mansion. Jane is used to Brian's irritation and scolding, she will not think much and be sad about it, Jane'll spend her time making things out of shells, which Jane enjoys most in her spare time. But Brian did not let her go, he forced her to stay with him. Brian looked at Jane with a ghostly smile and said:
“Take off your panties and come closer.”
Jane shyly took off her panties, she slowly approached Brian's side. He saw this and ordered furthe


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Ritika Indu C
13.05.2022, 12:54:49

i love the concept of this story please continue

Ritika Indu C
13.05.2022, 12:54:24

hey your Book is so brilliant... why are you not updating?

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