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Matched With A School Weirdo


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"Now you are my girlfriend."

"What?" I jolt up my head, shocked by such a declare and then stammer. "But it is not how it works." Peeved at his repetitive mantra, I manage to raise my tone at him, despite my principle to always treat people with respect.

"I don't need a psychopathic self-proclaimed boyfriend." I insist directly.

I don't even understand whom I crossed the road or did something bad for this bitchy karma to tumble on my shoulders when I least expected it.

I can't utter a single word when he leans in crossing the dangerous zone of our distance. His soft whisper brushes across my neck, instantly sending the tingles to dance on my skin. "Maybe it's fate. And you can't run away from fate, baby, can you?"

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Baishakhi Das 17.10.2020, 20:48:17


Angel grace 17.10.2020, 08:44:21

waiting for your next chapter I enjoyed this book very much . thanks for suggesting me this book. I am excited to know if Melanie life is changing for good or bad

Angel grace 17.10.2020, 07:36:57

you are right people never understand unique individual...aaah that's frustrating no one understands me too

Kodi Rey 14.10.2020, 14:42:38

I recommend this one

Daria 14.10.2020, 04:27:43

Wow thats lit

mary 14.10.2020, 04:22:10

finally i have found a cool book to read

Karina H 13.10.2020, 23:55:40

Awesome story so far! I recommend.

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