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Mate to the Dragon Prince

Shalini Zhara

Story about:magic, dragons, forbidden

Age restriction: 18+

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#1060 in Fantasy
#783 in Erotic

On Hold: 19 Apr 25 pages

Publication: 19.04.2021 — ...

Description of book "Mate to the Dragon Prince "

“A HUMAN. . .” he mused, scanning every feature of my face, carving them into his memory. "Jisoo." He breathed my name, making me resist the urge to shiver. I raised my eyebrows at the undeniably handsome man in front of me and crossed my arms, then shook my head, "I was supposed to make 10 million today!" I whined at the loss of my company. "Humans and their greed!" He grunted, walking away.

JISOO KWON, a strong and independent twenty-seven-year-old woman, who was the CEO and founder of her company, lived her life confidently as she expanded her company; her empire. Little did she know her life would take an unexpected turn, forcing her to run away from home; from the company she built with her every breath, only to run into a creature, one that was believed to be a myth at that.
While s


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