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Book. "Mates" read online
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#24 in Romantic fantasy
#14 in Short stories

Ongoing: 26 Mar 58 pages

Publication: 31.01.2023 — ...

Description of book "Mates"

Aiden takes no from nobody but from his Scara. Even after knowing she's enemy's daughter, he still fell hard for her.

“How can you, Aiden? You should hate me. I am not worthy. I'm your enemy." Scarlet whispered.
He abruptly moved, snatching and throwing the knife away, seeing her distracted. “Don’t you know what you mean to me? You are my world Scara.” He murmured embracing her in a tight hug.
Scarlet is a perfect combination of strength, confidence, and a sassy attitude, she is not born with it, but rather gained it because of her bestfriend, more like secret bestfriend, Aiden's influence.
She's his.
His to cherise.
His to love.
A little feisty and a little clumsy.

'From the moment I saw her I knew she is someone special to me.'

I am Aiden and this is our story.


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Isha fictions
08.03.2023, 12:34:37

Well, hello everybody.
I hope you all are happy and healthy.
So my followers has increased to 11.
I know it's not really a big thing, but still I am feeling like I am in cloud nine.
Thank you thank you soo muchh for your love and support.

Arpita Ray
02.03.2023, 07:09:09

i like it

Isha fictions
02.03.2023, 14:30:12

Arpita Ray, Thanks ❤️

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