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#168 in Urban life

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Well my name is Bailey Menefy and i love the car Dodge' i have ADHD FASD and autisem. My hobbies are watching Trains' listening to music and going for walks in native bush. i also like playing with my lego and hot wheels. I am 5ft 8in tall and i am 14 years of age. i do sometimes get very angry and hyped up but after about 5 - 10 minutes i do start to calm down. My mentor Conrad Davis from the YMCA in Palmerston North is very helpful but he does sometimes tell me to start listening to him more' and sometimes i say and sometimes i say no. so thats all about me and what i like to do and what i like doing in my spare time.
thanks everyone for listening to what i have to say about my self. oh and FASD stands for fetal ahcohol spectrim disorder. so yeah thanks again for what i have to say. :)


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