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Meenakshi Gautam Chaturvedi

Meenakshi Gautam Chaturvedi

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science fiction, colonization, space travel


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Ongoing: 21 Jul 154 pages

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The year is 2068 AD and the aliens have arrived with a singular mission…To tow away the Moon! The colonization of Moon has begun. Global warming is at its peak. In such times, Chhavi a twelve year old student of Class VII and her classmate Ruchir are selected for a trip to the Moon on Chandrayan XXV as a part of a student exchange programme. On the other end, much to his worry,an American Scientist- Dr.Samuel Legstrong's data indicates that the Moon has jumped its orbit! What will happen on Chandrayan XXV Flight? Will they save the apocalypse? Or shall we lose the Moon forever?

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George 24.07.2020, 13:41:14

nice story though

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