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Meeting with Aliens Or The Aliens Around Us

Vladimir Bagirov

Story about:parallel world, resistance to aliens, methods of dealing with aliens

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#6 in Science fiction
#10 in Urban fantasy

Complete 7 pages

Publication: 22.01.2021 — 22.01.2021

Description of book "Meeting with Aliens Or The Aliens Around Us"

Meeting with people from a parallel world.
The reader will learn to recognise aliens, discover their characteristics, and learn how to fight against them.

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Mikhail Bagdasarov 23.02.2021, 14:46:26

The unusual concept of the book, subtle psychology and sparkling sense of humor attracts attention.
By reading between the lines, you can see some other nuances.
The numerosity of options for the development of further events ups the ante of the literary work.
Will the central character provoke the Aliens into actions that will lead to the impossibility to stay hidden any longer for them?
Will the Aliens try to negotiate with our representative of humanity?
I really want to see the continuation of the book.

Elena Leonidova 21.02.2021, 16:10:07

In the book Meeting with Aliens Or The Aliens Around Us, you can learn the knowledge you have been looking for for a long time to understand better the meaning of what is happening.
The author masterfully implemented his knowledge, skills and reflected his feelings and thoughts, which he is happy to share with his readers.
The book really deserves attention.

Vladimir Atabegov 16.02.2021, 22:16:22

This book is exciting and humorously describes people's psychology whose weaknesses are used by Aliens to affect them.
Besides, each chapter contains life lessons that can equip any reader with the knowledge.

Viktor Petrov 14.02.2021, 15:55:55

It is incredible how the author has made perfect sense in such a relatively short story.
The book captures from the very beginning and keeps you in suspense until the end.
His recommendations on how to hold out against the Aliens are fascinating.

Mikhail Bagdasarov 10.02.2021, 23:33:58

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