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Book. "Memories of Tomorrow" read online
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Publication: 03.08.2021 — 05.08.2021

Description of book "Memories of Tomorrow"

Lee’s not looking for anything extraordinary in her life. She likes the simplicity of her days at work and at home. A few friends, a tiny room, earning enough to house herself and keep her fed. Things changed when she met Oliver. A man who shows her care. She doesn’t remember anyone caring for her and that’s from the fact that she has amnesia.


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Eva Celeste Kyamko Villamor
09.03.2022, 17:01:43

hey author i need to read this book1 in order for me to fully understand "A Lifetime With You"which is the still in know your a great writer im inlove in your books...:-))

Ginny Pestano
14.08.2021, 05:19:25

Wow! This is one of the best stories i've ever read on book net. Thank you,author. God bless you more.

Hiraya Cross
14.08.2021, 12:15:40

Ginny Pestano, Thank you. :)

Ginny Pestano
13.08.2021, 13:15:29

I really like the main characters,Lee and Oliver and enjoyed reading chap 50. Your writing skill is awesome,author.

Ginny Pestano
12.08.2021, 13:16:47

Just started reading the book and i find it very interesting.

Ruth Dionisio
09.08.2021, 10:25:05

cried on this paricular encounter with Lee and her brother Alex...yet to finish the chapter but need to comment...enjoying though many chapters still ahead

Hiraya Cross
09.08.2021, 16:12:38

Ruth Dionisio, Thank you :) Glad you're enjoying the story.

Mia Khan
05.08.2021, 07:38:35

agaiiiiin poor oliver

Mia Khan
08.08.2021, 16:32:05

Hiraya Cross, yes for the second times....

Maria Alba
07.08.2021, 12:00:46

a very nice story, different from other love story I've read. It's quite a thrilling, when the author talks about Leandra amnesia experience and yet in times of danger's she acted like a lady with defence mechanism, expert in martial arts and guns, wow! ...a Lady James bond!!!

Hiraya Cross
08.08.2021, 13:38:23

Maria Alba, Thank you :) Glad you liked it.

Jennifer Zeigler
06.08.2021, 16:26:31

It’s a beautiful story!❤️

Hiraya Cross
08.08.2021, 13:36:48

Jennifer Zeigler, Thank you :) Oh, and thanks for the reward as well. That's very sweet of you.

Bel Espada
04.08.2021, 04:49:29

The story is very interesting.

Hiraya Cross
08.08.2021, 13:35:43

Bel Espada, Thank you :)

Mia Khan
05.08.2021, 06:57:11

I can't stop reading this masterpiece....ooolalala .

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