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Mending Lucas Heart

Azelea Avery

Story about:possessive, love and betrayal, baby

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Publication: 10.09.2020 — 11.09.2020

Description of book "Mending Lucas Heart"

"I...I don’t know" He stuttered and whispered but I heard it clearly.

He doesn’t know it means he didn't love me at all. I feel empty, and I am really nothing for him. I gave all my strength and all myself to him just to mend his heart.

I feel used.

I am so done here.
Lucas Wighten

A 25 years old billionaire, He has a 1-year-old son but his wife and him got divorced, his ex-wife cheated on him despite all the good the things he showed to her and loves her wholeheartedly. The day they got divorced changes him into a cold, arrogant, and workaholic man again.

Aria Bright

A 25 years old lady who works at the cafe. An adopted daughter. Despite all the ups and down to her life she never gives up.

Everything will turn up side and down after living in with her husband.

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Shikha Nagpal 25.09.2020, 06:37:02

thanks for such a nice family story. love it...

Annie Flores 24.09.2020, 14:57:49

thank you so much for sharing your story,one of the best story that I read. thank you so much.

Bernadette Guevara 22.09.2020, 17:58:07

good one

Queenebunoluelwa 20.09.2020, 12:34:29

author dearest I really love this novel good job
with love from here ♥️♥️♥️

Ivy Raju 19.09.2020, 12:49:48

It is raally an interesting story.l love it.❤️? Thank you so much ??

Aisy 17.09.2020, 14:28:58


Ileni Nakapipi 15.09.2020, 22:35:45

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Geetanjali Sachdeva 15.09.2020, 22:16:36

Very nice book

Blessing Bahago (Aviva) 15.09.2020, 11:25:58

very interesting story I enjoyed it, well done.

Ejike Chukwu 14.09.2020, 18:18:58

Hi baby

Pooja Singh 13.09.2020, 20:48:55

Nicc story

Dezrene Gardner 13.09.2020, 20:27:35


Dezrene Gardner 13.09.2020, 19:56:28


Dezrene Gardner 13.09.2020, 19:41:32

Lucas has so much anger

Rosa Renthlei 13.09.2020, 19:07:36

Nice story and quite different from other stories I've read. Love it

Dezrene Gardner 13.09.2020, 18:22:26

awww this is so sweet

Dezrene Gardner 13.09.2020, 15:45:54

kill him with kindness Aria☺

Neha Garg 13.09.2020, 15:44:18

very good story author. lovely

Chanchal P 13.09.2020, 14:32:05

Good story.

A Durgaprashanti 13.09.2020, 13:05:00

wow.....a nice start with awesome ending. ..:-)

farhanatu abubakar 13.09.2020, 12:18:34

wow that's awesome story, I really love your story.looking forward to read you

A Durgaprashanti 13.09.2020, 10:51:20

wow awesome story line...:)

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