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Publication: 17.05.2022 — ...

Description of book "Merciless "

“Do you believe in the moon followers?”, she askes me.
“As in a cult”, I ask her. I am confused as to what she is trying to tell me.
“No, as in shape shifters”
“Like the folklore, the man who shifts to a beast during the night”, every child has heard the stories of shape shifters. Elders would teach their children these stories to scare them from leaving the house at night when the predators hunt. As we grew older, we realized that it was nothing but mere stories.
“Yes, exactly. Have you seen a shape shifter or as we call ourselves, werewolves?”
“No, I haven’t…”, wait , what did she mean as we call ourselves. I look at her confused and she seems to know exactly why.
“Yes, I mean we".


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