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Mess-The Only Thing


Story about:billionaire, trauma, love and trust

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#484 in Young adult
#186 in School

On Hold: 05 Jun 9 pages

Publication: 05.06.2021 — ...

Description of book "Mess-The Only Thing"

Moving to a new place, leaving behind everything is never easy but for someone like her who trusts few and hates love, it’s even more difficult. Her life is a total Mess. To cherry top when two guys, who hate each other with a burning passion, somehow get involved in her life and turn it into more mess.
Being a daughter of a businessman, everything is a deal for her, nothing else. Even love and relationships. But after meeting them, will she be able to think about love or she will mess everything up.
Will she be able to trust strangers?
What will happen when both Alex and Darren enter the life of Katherine?
So many possibilities but which one will be true.


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