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Met (let you love me)

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Story about:two girl fall in love, lesbians, lesbian romance

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Ongoing: 25 Oct 43 pages

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Description of book "Met (let you love me)"

Ava is relocated to manning town where being a lesbian is treated as treason. You either suffer the consequences of being born the way you are. In her new school, she falls for kara manning the major's daughter who kept her sexuality a secret till she couldn't resist Ava's charms.

This lgbt story will tend to reason. Hope to even it.


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Cynthia 25.10.2020, 10:07:54

Thanks for the update

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funlynry Galquotes 25.10.2020, 11:15:31

Cynthia, sure

Cynthia 20.10.2020, 23:20:32

Are you going to update?

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funlynry Galquotes 21.10.2020, 01:16:41

Cynthia, yes I am going to update... soon

Cynthia 18.10.2020, 18:31:44

she likes you

Cynthia 18.10.2020, 17:31:08

I love your work

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funlynry Galquotes 18.10.2020, 17:59:46

Cynthia, thank you

Cynthia 18.10.2020, 16:54:53

I like women of power

fathimath iffath 13.10.2020, 09:20:10

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Az Shaikh 10.07.2020, 20:52:38

upload the whole book guys how can just upload half

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Az Shaikh 11.07.2020, 12:42:40

funlynry Galquotes, but write it fast please

Michy Brown 08.07.2020, 05:04:44

continue please

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