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Midnight Call

G A Rosell

Story about:mystery, death, night

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#451 in Mystery
#153 in Suspense

On Hold: 27 Apr 46 pages

Publication: 03.04.2021 — ...

Description of book "Midnight Call"

Krista Dunaway escaping from her past, arrives in New York City, and just on the same night that the pandemic begins, mysterious calls from her own apartment begin to happen every midnight. Can you unravel a mystery from the past with the calls of the present? And above all, will you be able to survive the experience?


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Carine Chan
13.07.2021, 18:13:48

Hi it’s a nice story, please keep it up.

Carine Chan
13.07.2021, 18:13:47

Hi it’s a nice story, please keep it up.

Taylor hyland
26.06.2021, 12:58:37

its a nice story __

Widad Akram
21.04.2021, 06:28:36

Good story, well written actually, a little scary .

05.04.2021, 20:04:57

I request others to read my book ' I will love you till my last breath.' if you like it then please give it a star and comment and ya follow me.

05.04.2021, 20:03:22

hello I liked your story keep it up

O.J Ebubeoha
05.04.2021, 17:34:11

This chapter is fantastic and nice introduction by the way. Very simple and clear, how your characters play out and fit into their roles.

Points to note though: You need to work on letting Krista remain a female. You used a lot of male pronouns to identify her which made it difficult to understand some lines.
It was her mom calling her daughter that clarified it for me. Please try and fix these errors.

Also, keep up the good work. Already added to my library, will read and comment as I go.

Emma Louise
05.04.2021, 17:17:12

I liked your first three chapters I think that it has good content but when referring girl on the story it gets confusing when you use he instead if she. Third chapter is not the same s the second I guess you changed it. Good start don’t wit for more chapters.

05.04.2021, 13:12:30

dear, you really write good.... I don't think that you're writing first time because your skills are really good.... but one more thing, I think you published chapter 2 again as chapter 3? both are same....
well it's up to you... and yeah dear, I also know if you have read my book or not, but give my book a star only if you like my idea from your heart. I don't take star in return of star or followers in return of doing follow... I hope you understand.... all the best....

G A Rosell
05.04.2021, 13:23:33

Arcano, No, that was a mistake :( So anxious to publish a story produce this type of mistakes *TT

Heena Kundra
05.04.2021, 12:58:35

can't believe you're writing first time... it's really good .. all the best...

G A Rosell
05.04.2021, 13:01:11

Heena Kundra, OMG, Thank U so much for reading, every week will be another chapter. I hope see you in coments, and a lot of thanks to take your time to read my story.

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