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Midnight House

Nooha Razi

Story about:childhood buddies, haunted house, omega

12 258

#741 in Young adult
#241 in Suspense

On Hold: 20 Sep 8 pages

Publication: 16.09.2020 — ...

Description of book "Midnight House"

"This is what I got for loving you from the day we met.?" I yelled at him....few days later,...

"Something happened to him mom " I cried
"To whom sweety..hushh..what happened?" mom hugged me


This is tale of a shy girl who turned into courageous one to rescue the person she loves..

but what's the connection between Neil and Eva has with this Midnight house?

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Delta Castillo Fernandez
06.10.2020, 17:54:09

No es una trama que te atraiga es bastante boba e intrascendente, no es un buen libro y ni siquiera esta completo, ni se me antoja seguir leyéndolo.

Nooha Razi
06.10.2020, 19:35:11

Delta Castillo Fernandez, Thanks for your review, but the theme is not yet complete nor did I exposed it, and I couln't do further updations due to some problems..Hope my next updates make you feel content :)

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