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Midsummer is Full of Love ~ Avisha

Barsha Das

Story about:drama and suspense, love and acceptance, contractmarriage

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#23 in ChickLit
#149 in Contemporary Romance

Ongoing: 12 Jun 21 pages

Publication: 07.06.2021 — ...

Description of book "Midsummer is Full of Love ~ Avisha"


My novel is about a Punjabi boy Avira & bong girl Tanisha.

They used to be childhood sweethearts & possessive about each other. Although Avi is best friend of Tani's brother Sayan but he ended up be with her.Due to some reasons Avi & Tani drifted apart. As the novel will proceed you'll get know.when Aviraj came back from London,he got to know about his best friend & sister are in love with each other.But things got changed after the incident. No one thought something like this will happen. The incident shook everyone to the core.
That incident effect Tani so much she tried to suicide. Avi to save her made a decision & got married with her in a contract Marrige.

What incident happened that change everything?? Will they stood together after Marrige?? Will they fall in love??


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Marta Cruz
07.06.2021, 18:20:50

I like it, next

Marta Cruz
10.06.2021, 10:13:13

Barsha Das, Thank you dear

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