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Milton - A Cyberpunk Coming of Age Tale

J. Lincoln

Story about:coming of age, neckbeard, grimdark

Age restriction: 18+

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#36 in Post-apocalyptic

Complete 188 pages

Publication: 05.03.2019 — 28.03.2019

Description of book "Milton - A Cyberpunk Coming of Age Tale"

The Apocalypse is ugly. The only lights that work are battery powered or neon. Scroungers kill your neighbors and take control of their bodies. Gang wars run rampant in the perpetual night, as usual, except now, most members have magical spells to defend their turf. Life certainly changed once the Rainbow Letters came.

For Milton, things changed for the better. The world became familiar. He could find loot, learn skills, and equip weapons and armor. It was all much easier to understand than the perils of pre-Apocalypse life with its grocery shopping and going outside.

Then he discovers Ragnarok, Orchestrator of the Rainbow Letters and all of Milton’s problems. The race to figure out why is on. If Milton is to survive long enough to find answers, he must...

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edison Emmanuel 28.11.2019, 11:07:00


Lucile Savino 15.03.2019, 12:13:24

very entertaining

Andrew Acton 14.03.2019, 12:34:28

take the Katana before number two or your fucked haha

Mike Two 13.03.2019, 13:19:17

good job

John Mitchell 11.03.2019, 12:35:42

we are now in a very interesting part

Sam Holte 10.03.2019, 12:53:16

useful advices

Mark Pearson 09.03.2019, 13:44:27

very good to remember your gram in difficult situations

Brian Downtown 08.03.2019, 11:52:02

yep, more ugly than you think.

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J. Lincoln 08.03.2019, 16:12:32

Brian Downtown, It gets worse before it gets better, but it does get better

John Mitchell 07.03.2019, 11:26:29

cool annotation, will read it

Clayton Terrel 06.03.2019, 12:18:35

When are we going to read a full text of Martyrs?

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