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Months Alone

Di Wey

Story about:survival, zombie, months alone

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Description of book "Months Alone"

Brothers stuck in an apartment while their city falls apart due to a deadly virus that brings the dead.(Also this is a fast-paced book with lots of time skips so please don't judge as harsh this is the story that started writing I am still fixing errors in it so if you find any please tell me so I can fix ti asap)

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Nickolas Harbourt 19.07.2019, 15:27:36


S.Ali 29.06.2019, 08:20:44

if you really want to have many readers you should provide your book a cover. This is the website policy I can see your idea is great you are really talented.

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S.Ali 01.07.2019, 05:44:11

Di Wey, it's ok. Keep writing!

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