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#20 in Paranormal Romance
#25 in Romantic fantasy

Ongoing: 29 Jun 88 pages

Publication: 19.05.2022 — ...
Contests: Bound by the Moon

Description of book "Moonlight's Kiss"

The Moon Flower Ceremony was a highly anticipated event for all young wolf shifters from the Novaline Region. It was the occasion where the shifters get to meet their fated mates for the first time.

However, not all wolf shifters are excited or eager to meet their fated mates. As decreed by the Moon Goddess, should shifters wish to reject their chosen mates, they could complete the Moon Trials.

For Rose and Jace being fated together as mates was a situation both wanted to rectify as soon as possible. There was no doubt they would have to do the Moon Trails.

What neither expected though was finding common ground with each other and an unlikely friendship.

Will this become something more before they reach the Moon Altar?


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