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Mother Knows Best

RJ Pritchett

Story about:crime, short story, police brutality

Age restriction: 18+

47 210

#29 in Crime fiction
#49 in Short stories

Complete 8 pages

Publication: 02.03.2020 — 02.03.2020

Description of book "Mother Knows Best"

When Christopher ends up in jail, he maintains his innocence during phone calls with his mom and dad. He believes he'll get out soon, but as the days go by, his hope for a release dwindles. The case against him grows stronger even though he swears he's innocent. Through his phone calls, he learns about what's happening in the outside world. He wishes he can be with his friends and family during these tough times, but he can't. The Earth continues to revolve outside of the prison, but he's trapped in place.

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Ryo Francis
04.03.2020, 04:50:58

A good short read with a nice twist in the end — didn't really see that coming :)

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